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GSM Master

Text messages are sent to the GSM Master to acknowledge alarms, or to check alarm status. The user can read the log files of the inputs. This allows the user to get a clear overview of the situation and optimize a process for improved efficiency when needed. All the features offered by GSM Master can be programmed via your PC initially, and are pre-set at our factory to your specification before delivery. GSM Master has outputs which may be triggered by returning a text message to the unit, so it is possible to reset equipment via your mobile telephone. If required SMS module can be configured to provide up to 4 outputs.

The GSM Master can also be used for transportation sector applications thanks to the wide range of power supply voltages available 10-30V DC or 230VAC. Designed around a GSM Modem, and works using the same principle as a mobile phone. The unit accepts up to 8 digital or analogue inputs, which can be wired to any volt free signal, such as control panel trip signal or a float switch. The software is clearly designed and simple to understand which makes the GSM Master easy to set up. The GSM Master can also be configured online after it has been installed and commissioned. It is also possible to update the firmware via the internet.

On detection of a fault the GSM Master transmits pre-programmed SMS text messages or emails to your mobile phone ( upto 10 phone numbers or emails may be stored). The text message consists of a header message and a fault message. Each message is time/date stamped. GSM Master is supplied with an internal battery backup. The built in maintenance free capacitor, enables the GSM Master to inform the recipient via an SMS text message or email in the event of a power failure.

Key Facts:

  • Programmable from PC
  • Dims: 280mm H x 210mm W x 130mm D
  • GSM Master
  • GSM Master

    GSM on Dual Pump Panel.

  • GSM Master

Product Details


  • Pumpings Station
  • Treatment Plant
  • Process Plant
  • Security System
  • Heating & Ventilating
  • Irrigation System
  • Chemical Monitoring
  • Transportation

Technical Specifications

  • Power supply: 230V / 1 Phase via plug top or spur
  • Enclosure: ABS IP65 RAL7035
  • Programmable from PC
  • Sms message up to 16 characters 10 phone dialling
  • Max dial-out trip function. Dial -out delay 1-240 min. Time reset from mobile phone. Security password. Relay outputs.
  • SIM Network available from Ash Controls: O2 M2M
  • Dims: 280mm H x 210mm W x 130mm D
  • Weight: 3kg

Order Reference

  • GSM01 GSM Master

Optional Extras

  • MBA2.5 - Magnetic based aerial SMA
  • HGA3M - High gain antenna 3 metres
  • HGA5M - High gain antenna 5 metres
  • HGA10M - High gain antenna 10 metres
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