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Speech Master

Designed around a Landline telemetry system. The Speech Master dials to any combination of 4 different 16 digit telephone numbers to alert your dedicated personnel. The unit stores up to 4 pre-recorded messages with 3 usable alarm functions: e.g high level, pump tripped, mains fail etc.

On detection of a fault the Speech Master will dial out to your dedicated personnel in order, once a call has been acknowledged as being received, the unit will reset and does not dial any other numbers unless selected to do so. A built in microphone and speaker allows phrases to be recorded and replayed directly from the unit. When the outgoing call is answered the Speech Master plays a common phrase (0) and one of the three alarm messages (phrase A,B or C). Phrase 0 states your site name and address and particular alarm situation. D Power fail. Each Phrase can be upto 8 seconds long.

On receiving a call from the Speech Master the personnel answering acknowledges it by pressing the number 8 on their telephone. The Speech Master may be programmed to stop dialing after the first call has been acknowledged or when two. Three or four have been acknowledged as required.If the message is not acknowledged after the fifth attempt , the unit aborts the call and dials the next telephone number. This procedure is repeated for all 4 numbers, if no acknowledgement has been received then the dial out shuts down. The dial out requires a constant 240V 50hz supply. If this supply is lost the unit will dial out message 0 to D (power failure). The remaining three alarm inputs, can be used as desired, e.g. to monitor high level, pump trip etc.

  • Speech Master
  • Speech Master

Product Details


Economical monitoring of unattended equipment. Battery back up ensures any alarm condition is reported even if mains power has failed.

Order Reference

  • SM01 Speech Master

Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply: 230V / 1 phase
  • Enclosure: ABS, IP65, RAL7035
  • Battery backup.
  • Dims: 330mm H x 250mm W x 130mm D
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Half duplex hands free
  • Can be used as a fully operational phone
  • On-board microphone and speaker
  • Remote microphone and speaker outputs
  • Full remote control via DTMF tones
  • Output remote control
  • Automatic Phone Number Recognition (CLIP)
  • 6 On-board programmable inputs
  • 4 On-board programmable outputs
  • 9 Destination phone numbers
  • Voice messages to each input
  • 256 event memory log, time and date stamped

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